Our Facebook Contest

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014

You would think that Facebook would be an ideal place for small business like ours to communicate with our fans. You would also think it would be the ideal platform to giveaway free stuff, but alas that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Back on November 24th we posted on our Facebook page that we were raffling off 2 free tickets to the upcoming Valley Forge Beer and Cider festival along with some Sir Charles t-shirts. Many people don’t realize that Facebook charges companies to have their posts appear in peoples timelines. It’s not a big deal, and it fact its a rather inexpensive way for small companies like ours to let people know about us.

We had hoped to use this channel to not only get the word out but also give away some goodies. Unfortunately, Facebook makes it very difficult for companies to actually communicate with people directly, even those who like our page. This mostly has to do with the Facebook privacy features which blocks people from seeing users accounts. We are all for privacy and fully understand Facebook’s policies, but again it makes it hard when you want to give away free stuff.

Originally we planned to giveaway 1 pair of tickets to anyone who shared our original post. Because we can’t fully determine everyone who actually shared the post , we decided to giveaway 3 prizes (2 tickets and 2 t-shirts). First we randomly selected a winner from everyone who liked the post, second we selected a winner from those we could determine who shared the post, and finally we awarded a prize to the person who shared the post the most. We attempted to contact the winners through Facebook messenger, but again due to privacy restrictions, we could not get in contact with the winners. So we decided┬áto try sending friend requests in the hope they will chat with us. We will keep trying to contact all our winners as best we can.

We want all our fans to understand how hard we worked to make this contest fair and fun. We are a small business and a young one as well. We learned from our mistake and next time will make sure that our contests are conducted in a forum that guarantees a far more convenient process for everyone involved.

Winners: Connor Jaggers, Neil Harmer, and Brittany Walsh